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Transcendxperience is a website created to help navigate daily challenges as a human being and stay connected with the calm, wise self within.


We are more than our body and mind. To connect with the greater aspects of ourselves, spiritual practise is necessary. Committed spiritual practise enables us to know who we are and stay aligned with our true essence. Spiritual practise can include self-reflection, journaling, yoga poses, meditation, breathwork, and philosophical inquiry.


I have been teaching and facilitating spiritual groups for over 8 years and I am registered counsellor and yoga teacher. I published my first book, Guidance in Your Handbag, in 2016 and my second book, Moons Quest, in 2018.

It is my pleasure and honour to support you in your spiritual journey. Join me for monthly meditation meetings or book an individual mentoring session. I look forward to working with you.


Note: You can access all meditation resources on this website, by registering as a member for a $25 annual fee.