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Spiritual Mentoring

Transcend your everyday challenges as a human being and connect with the essence of who you are as a divine being.

We are more than our body and mind. To connect with the greater aspects of ourselves, spiritual practise is an absolute must. Committed spiritual practise enables us to stay aligned with our divine essence, receive guidance, reform our daily life and ultimately fulfil our mission here on earth.

Spiritual practise can include self-reflection, journaling, yoga poses, meditation, breathwork, and philosophical inquiry.


As you commit to doing your inner-work, your purpose begins to unfold, your talents, gifts and assets become accessible. You become a vehicle of light, bringing joy into the lives of, not just yourself, but all those around you.

If you need guidance and support with your spiritual journey, I am here to help you. I enjoy sharing my love for philosophy, meditation techniques and accessing inner guidance. I look forward to being of service to you.


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