Am I Creating or Experiencing?

Am I the one 'in charge' of my life choosing how, when and what happens in it?

Or am I the receiver, being shown and guided to how, when and what?

When things seem blurry and take us by surprise (pleasant or not) we cant help feel like the experiencer. But when we consciously commit to goals, and make it happen, we feel like the creator.

Have you ever asked, which one othese two am I, the real me?

The answer is 'both'!

Human life is only possible because of the spiritual 'amnesia' we go through, when we are born. Scriptures call this 'Maya' which can be translated as illusion. Its a game of 'forget and remember' that we play wth ourselves. And in this forgetting and remembering we keep travelling back to awareness, the awareness of ALL.

Yoga Sutra 4.18 says,

All fluctuations of the mind are known by its master, the changeless pure consciousness.

You are the master. You are the servant. You are the one aware of them being one and the same.

Enjoy this day!



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