B.E.I.N.G without

When was the last time you felt free - utterly and completely free?

The state of 'nirvana' described in spiritual traditions (referred to as 'nirodah' in Yoga Sutras) is that state where your awareness rests in absolute nothingness. A manner of being where there are no qualifiers to 'who you are'.

Accessing and staying in that state, is only possible through deep meditation enabled by ethical principles of living.

Then one's perception of self, rests in its true nature. Yoga Sutra 1.3

When you learn to meditate deeply, the feeling is similar to taking your car to the wash, sitting and watching it be stripped of layers of dirt, leaving it shiny and new! Layers of accumulated impressions evaporate, and the foggy perceptions clouding the mind, stop having a hold on the self.

Is today a good day, to take your car to the wash?

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