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Clarity - a testimonial

"I have studied the Yoga Sutras before finding it a rather complex text, being in a different language (sanskrit). Trying to understanding the various translations can be rather complicated and confusing.

Learning the Yoga Sutras with Prabha has allowed me to be much more comfortable with the text. Her teachings simplify the content while taking nothing away from it.  Prabha's way of teaching the text is simple, easy and accurate.  I find that I am very keen to learn and study this Text even more now.  It is a lovely feeling to not be bamboozled but clear! "

This earnest testimonial was provided by a Yoga Therapist who has been learning the Yoga Sutras with me over the last few months. I share her words with you to give you hope that philosophy study can be very enjoyable and easy to grasp rather than complex concepts that can feel overwhelming and out of reach.

If you too wish to learn this valuable text filled with rich tools and strategies for living a fulfilling life, contact me or join the April weekend intensive ( only 1 spot left).

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