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Dissolving Identity

Have you wondered why meditation is revered so much in the spiritual field?

Common understanding of meditation is that it helps calm the mind and find relaxation. But there is more to it.

While relaxed, calm mental state can be attained via regular meditation,

the main purpose of meditation is to introduce and anchor us in our eternal presence - timeless, spaceless, beingness.

During early stages of meditation, we can experience random 'glimpses' of eternity. But more often we simply come face-face with our mental noise. This can feel overwhelming for a beginner. Having to sit with the chaotic mind chatter, is not an easy task, however achieveable, with the help of techniques.

Later on, through regular practise and guidance, we can begin to experience more and more glimpses and reduction of the mental noise. Eventually we begin experiencing dissolution of our known identities and merge into the infinite. This experience is referred as 'nirvana', literally meaning 'without'.

In the upcoming chanting session, we will be practising transcendental oneness meditation, by chanting Nirvana Shatakam, a verse written to cut through to the core of being without. Join us and experience the state of nirvana, and dissolution of boundary, seperation and identity. Click on this link, to book your spot.

Not into chanting? You can join us for Stages of Meditation workshop, to learn and practise meditation techniques.



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