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How to Still your Mind

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The dreaded words for a beginner, while attempting meditation - 'stilling the mind'.

It sounds like ultimate boredom, complete lack of stimulation accompanied by a feeling of uselessness or waste of time.

Why so? Because,

Mind is the King

When it comes to our way of life, as it stands in today's world, the mind is king.

In the absence of thinking we are null and void, or so we think!


Experience of divinity is rooted in stillness

Exercising our ability to take control and to operate the mind at will, is necessary to drop into our divine nature.

Does that mean that majority of the population with busy minds, are doomed when it comes to meditatiom?

Absolutely not. It is simply a matter of determination and discipline in the form of ongoing practise.

The beauty with bringing your mind to stillness is that,

As you undertake sincere practise, thoughts begin to funnel down, naturally

Here are some lifestyle tips and perspectives that can aid the process...

1. Close the past - You dont have to forget your past but you do have to find closure. Embark on ways to heal, forgive and accept, everything that has been.

2. Minimise your present - Reduce, cut down in all ways possible. The less you do, the easier it gets to meditate. Outward action (including speech) increases our mental tendencies, making it harder to calm down without falling asleep.

3. Hold the future with awe - Rather than forcing a future that fits with your ideas, work in collaboration to co-create with life. Hold your dreams and desires gently, with room for negotiation.

If you are finding it challenging to begin or make progress, know that, many that I have worked with started exacly like you and have managed to find stillness. I am here to help, if you want individual support.



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