I Am Not the Dream

I woke up to a beautiful morning - birds chirping in the backyard, early sun rays shinning through the bedroom window, and garden chimes singing the day's glory! I went about my usual routine and then sat down for meditation.

I was guided to a different version of the same experience I have been guided to before...

A bright light, like a sun, shinning from the middle of my chest with its rays extending out of my body. Each of those rays creating various identities of my self and projecting outwards. And as each identity was created from within to be projected outwards, the following phrase appeared in my awareness,

'I am not the dream'

and the identity collapsed into nothing. This went on until I had exhausted all sorts of roles, responsibilities and personas my mind associates my self with.

Finally left with no projections and only the light shinning from the middle of my chest, my mind came up with 'So, I am the dreamer' The following phrase then appeared,

'I am not the dreamer either'

'I AM beyond'

and that was the end of that meditation...

Perhaps an exercise, you could try, to loosen the grip of identity?

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