Is It Time?

Sometimes freedom seems out of reach. We can feel the struggle and the feeling of being weighed down by a load but being free from the 'load' hasnt even dawned in our mind. Or, it may have but we can feel a sense of resistance or lack of belief in being free.

To be free, first we must decide to be free.

If we all relied on situations and outcomes to bring us freedom, we would be living an enslaved life.

In ancient times, yogis practised a set of techniques that lead to continued experience of freedom and these techniques have been consolidated as the Yoga Sutras. The fourth chapter of Yoga Sutra text is titled 'Liberation' and outlines ways to achieve ongoing freedom.

Join me on the 24th of October, for Yoga Sutra discussion addressing meditation techniques and methods for achieving liberation.

Is it time perhaps, to be free?



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