Love. No Love.

Imagine a boat sailing in the sea...

Let us say the wind is strong, the tides are rough and you are in charge.

How pleasant is this ride going to be? Not very.

Now imagine, there is an experienced sailor sailing this boat and you get to stay inside a cozy room on this boat, dry and safe. How difficult is the ride now? Not so much.

The tides didnt change, the boat didnt change but your mindset did. In the first situation, your self-talk was probably along the lines of, "This is going to be hard. I dont know if I can make it." Whereas in the second situation it probably changed to, "I am being looked after".

There is an experienced sailor within all of us who is willing and able to take on the rough seas, if we ask and allow. Struggle is the result of the ego (a.k.a body-mind identification) taking charge. Faith is the result of surrendering to our soul's knowing.

Love is present all around us and within us, at all times. We can feel it, tap into it and be it, anytime we want.

However, whether we feel love or the absence of it is depends on our ability to surrender...

- Prabha

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