Nirvana now here

Imagine having direct access to a 'heaven' like place, on demand!

A place you can slip into, to break away from daily struggles, take refuge, recharge and come back with fresh enthusiasm for life...

Even better, if you could access that without any external aids.

This morning, in my meditation, I had an experience that seemed so compelling not to write about it.

I sat down, closed my eyes and within a very short time, it felt like the physical world around, that can often appears so robust and solid, became a sheetlike surface which then cracked to reveal an opening...

An opening into nothingness - a space of ease. A space with no demands and complete freedom to be. A space that is hard to describe by words but has dominant feeling of 'absence' of anything and everything one experiences in physical world.

I effortlessly floated into that nothingness and stayed there absorbing the bliss of it. This was particularly enjoyable after a few weeks of material absorption with holidays, veering out of practise and slipping out of the usual rhythm. To be noted also is that, it has taken quite a few days of surface meditation to go this deep!

If you are struggling with deepening your meditation or feel like its just not cutting it, patience and persistence pays off.

Wish you all a beautiful week and remember nirvana is right here right now for you to access anytime!

Love, prabha

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