Rising Above

How is it that certain people, at certain times, rise above the ongoing day-to-day struggles and achieve something larger than (common) life?

How are inventions made? How are trends set? How is leadership sustained? How are new choices made?

The common factor, in all larger than life situations is the ability to

see beyond what is, to what can be.

As humans, we get programmed and run on autopilot a lot. It is a natural way to conserve energy. While autopilot works well for repeatitive tasks, its purpose is to make space for novel experiences. Experiences such as taking on new challenges, reaching for new goals, learning new things, loving our fellow humans and fulfilling our life purpose. These however, are only possible if we are conscious.

Being conscious is the opposite of autopilot. Being conscious means to be fully present and engage our mind and body, at will. It requires us to not be a slave to old patterns of thinking, believing and doing.

The way to rise above those old patterns is by re-connecting with the wholeness of who we are, beyond human programming. There is an old Zen Koan that says,

'what face did you have before your parents were born?'

Contemplating and connecting with the truth of who we truely are, is the purpose of meditation.

In the upcoming workshop series, Stages of Meditation, we will be discussing meditation at length and experience connecting with our wholeness. I would love to see you join us, if you are interested in learning and enhancing your meditation practise. If you wish to learn Yoga Sutras at your own pace, you can purchase pre-recorded videos here.



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