Something called Bliss

Yesterday, during meditation class, I was explaining the link between,

Meditation <-> Relaxation <-> Rest

Here is a bit more on that...

That which is described as 'bliss' will continue to be out of our reach until some of the prerequisites have been achieved. That includes,

  • adequate rest (sleep),

  • ample relaxation (generally practised through Yoga Poses, Breathing exercises and Yoga Nidra)

  • conscious habits including food, lifestyle choices and thought patterns.( Yama and Niyama)

These requisites are crucial, to be able to go deeper in our meditation without falling asleep or slipping into an unconscious state.

How often do you feel the feeling of that 'something called bliss'?

Join us for meditation, next week and pick up some more tips...

(Btw, the group is now meeting at 12:30 PM for a 1 o'clock start. See you then!,)

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