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State of Yoga

More important than reaching your destination, is the confirmation that you have reached!

How do you know when you have arrived at the state of 'Yoga' aka union with all there is? Sutra 1.2 and 1.3 say,

Yoga is mastery over the tendencies of one's mind.

Then one's perception of self, rests in their true nature.

What does this 'resting in true nature' look/feel like? Here is my experience.

As one begins to experience the levels of 'absorption' described in the Yoga Sutras, major shifts become evident. Firstly, faith in life and its perfection strengthens. The individual's ego centre shifts to become more inclusive of others. As a result, self-worth, confidence and belief in oneself increases. Life becomes much easier to navigate and more within one's control than not. The person becomes more adept to recognising and eliminating stress causing patterns. Continue reading the rest of this text in the book, Moon's quest.


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