The Sattvic Life

Did you know that 'doing less' is the easiest way to reach enlightenment?

Monks and yogis walked away from worldly life for that reason.

Here we are provided that opportunity to 'do less' and stay home more, with the spread of this novel virus.

How can we put this to good use?

As we start doing less, it reduces our Rajasic (active) tendency and hence requires us to sleep less, which reduces our Tamasic (lethargic) tendency. So what do we do with all our time?

Work on strengthening your Sattvic (peaceful) nature. Here are some tips for helping you stay Sattvic.

* Eat less than usual - when we are not doing a lot our body doesn't need a lot of protein or carbs. Simple home cooked meals eaten in small quantity will do.

* Prepare your food yourself - Using store made sauces and powders increases your Tamasic nature, while food filled with unnecessary sugar, salt and oil, over stimulates our senses and increases the Rajasic nature.

* Limit your screen time - Depending on what you browse through you will be increasing your Rajasic or Tamasic nature. e.g. Mindless net surfing increases Tamas, Watching emotional, action oriented drama increases Rajas.

* Sleep less - When you haven't been overly active your body will require less time to recover and hence needs less sleep. Cut your sleep hours and use that time to read or meditate.

* Practise Yoga poses - If you don't have a routine yet start with 3 to 5 rounds of Sun salutation to give your body good blood flow and finish with lying down relaxation.

* Meditate for an hour or more - You don't have to do it in one sitting. Spread the time through your day and meditate few times a day.

* Read scriptures or listen to them - You can begin with the Yoga Sutras and venture on to some other different texts, depending on your interest.

You can follow my Philosophy discourses online, or buy pre-made videos of poses and Sutra discussion in my site shop.

If you are finding any of the above recommendations challenging, write to me...

Love, prabha

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