Trans Formation

Did you know that the chemical meaning of transformation is to atomically reconstruct something?

When life stops feeling fun, it is a gentle prompt for transformation - large or small. However we may not always heed the call. We may find it easier to blame our self or our environment. However when we finally are ready to create transformation, meditation is a tool that can enable clarity and access to inner wisdom.

Yoga Sutra 4.2: Inner transformation carries through to the external.
Yoga Sutra 4.14: All transformations are based on the same principle.
Yoga Sutra 4.6: The mind that is born out of meditation is free from fluctuations.

Is your life calling you for a transformation?

Why not join me and other fellow participants for a meditation session and establish a regular meditation practise?

Meditation with Prabha|| Fridays 1PM onwards|| $10|| Hridhaya Centre, 76 Carlyle Street, Mackay

More info and event page here.

I look forward to your company!

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