What is Absolute Reality

What does it mean to be enlightened?

Does it mean finding answers to the big questions such as Who Am I, What Is Life, Why Am I here?

Does it mean walking away from the world and living in seclusion?

What does enlightenment mean to you?

Few days ago, I was chanting one of the Mahavakyas (sentences from Upanishadhs that are said to contain the seed of life) and the sentence kept going around and around in my head. I sat for meditation after the chant and that sentence just wouldnt go anywhere. First I was trying to push it away and still my mind. After a while, I decided to embrace it and sit with it. Soon after that, I had three words pop-up.

Freedom, faith and fortitude.

Now these three words started floating around in place of the Mahavakya and I sat there waiting for the meaning to unfold. Incidentally, the Mahavakya that I was chanting before the meditation was 'Pragnyanam Brahman' which means 'supreme knowledge is brahman'. (Brahman is the word used in all Upanishadhs to denote transcendent absolute reality where all is one.) I finished the meditation wondering what the three words stood for. Much later, I realised this...

A sense of freedom, renewal of faith in life and a courageous outlook towards adversity are perhaps indicators of encounter with the absolute.



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