What is Oneness?

Often during philosophy discussions, when we get to the concept of oneness, there will be one or two blank looks, some raised eyebrows and few confused expressions.

Does oneness mean that we are all the same? What is oneness?

It means that you, me and the grass under our feet are all made of the same essence. It means that we all have the ability to transcend our separation thinking (that demands to have a 'you' and a 'me') and connect with all there is.

Why? Because all problems lie in the limited self - the ego. All solutions lie in the united self - oneness.

Yoga Sutra (1.32) says,

'These obstacles and accompaniments can be overcome by embodying the oneness principle.'

If oneness seems like a lofty concept that leaves you with questions, remember it is something that only experience can answer. Regular meditative practise, ethical lifestyle and studying of scriptures such as Yoga Sutras, will eventually open your heart to reveal the innate wisdom of oneness.

As a starting place, try attending the upcoming chanting session, where we will be chanting great utterances from the Upanishadhs, that capture the essence of non-duality a.k. a oneness.

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