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What's your Nature?

Spending time in nature is healing.

Spending time with pets is uplifting.

Spending time with young babies is joyful.

We all know that from our experience, but why is it so? What makes those experience so positive?

It is because, dogs and beaches and babies connect us with 'something' that is deeply harmonising. And that 'something' is their ability be boldly who they are. A beach isn't striving to be a forest. A cat isn't comparing itself with a tiger. A baby isn't even aware of the concept of 'trying to be something'. They just are.

Likewise, we can feel the same level of harmony (and spread it with all those around us), by connecting with our 'true nature' and letting go of the urge to compare, to measure up and fulfil external expectations.

Do you know how to connect with your true nature? Begin today!

Let the Yoga Sutras guide you to finding your true nature. For individual mentoring, contact me or book online.


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